Regina Silvarum

Queen of the Forest

A warm, calm, cosy and just a little bit crazy fragrance created by French perfumers.


The familiar and rich woody scent (patchouli) is pleasantly surprising by a composition of additional and unexpected notes. Black pepper bites with its green freshness and light citrus sweetness, Madagascar ginger envelops the fragrance in warmth, while light tones of bergamot flowers and resin give it a light and carefree feel.

The dark glass bottle of home fragrance is sealed with a natural stopper with a pre-screwed corkscrew. After unpacking, place the bottle on a stable horizontal surface. Read the instructions attached to the bottle. Peel off the protective neck cover (as from a wine bottle). With one hand holding the bottle on a stable horizontal surface, with the other hand pull the stopper by grasping the wooden corkscrew handle perpendicularly. Insert the 10 fibre sticks into the bottle and place them in a place protected from direct sunlight.
Home scent diffusers should never be placed lower than one metre or higher than your nose. Scent naturally rises and fills the air, so if you place the diffuser too high, it will not be as effective at diffusing scents and you will not smell them as strongly. You should also consider the base: the diffuser should be placed on a shelf with no other shelves in front of it. In addition, there should be no obstructions above the diffuser.
Therefore, tables and coffee tables, low furniture or chests of drawers are ideal. Avoid placing diffusers near heat sources or air currents, windowsills or bookshelves. With the right size and placement of the diffuser, you can truly enjoy a feast for the ears.

A home fragrance made from a composition of 12 natural essential oils. We have used the latest science to ensure that the scents unfold and slowly evaporate from the bottle into the environment, giving off their unique fragrance. Regina Silvarum's home fragrance is made with 100% naturally derived glycerol, extracted from non-GMO vegetable oils. This carrier is harmless to human health and the environment, non-flammable, non-toxic and non-mutagenic.