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The underground salty spring water is enriched with a high mineral content and very specific physical, chemical, and biologically properties. This water doesn’t simply contain dissolved salts. It is a complex archaic and natural structure with up to 70 different micro elements. Water, as one of the main elements of nature, takes an extremely important place in the cosmogonies of many nations of the world. It is usually equated with the primordial chaos that existed before the world came into being. In ancient cultures, chaos was not imagined as emptiness, but rather as prima Materia, in which the foundations of everything lie. Because of the chaos that had to be made "visible" in myths, it was linked to a known matter - usually water. In the traditional context of ancient Baltic shrines, the spring water, according to a fameous lithuanian ethnologist A. J. Greim it is a “living water”, and living water is life itself. In the balneological laboratory of Aqua Regia, salts are extracted from underground salt water in the same way as they were extracted in the vicinity of Druskininkai in the 15th century. However, under laboratory conditions possible microbiological contamination is avoided and the safety of the final product is ensured, while all parameters for high crystallization are maintained. Unlike seawater, natural mineral water is untouched by billions of years of external pollution, and the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of its beneficial micro elements are incomparable to those of fossil, synthetic or seawater salts.

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Combining the old traditions of spa therapy, extinct crafts and today’s technology, we awakened the powers of the “water of life” that has been dormant on the earth’s crystalline foundation for billions of years. And we sealed it in a glass bottle. Aqua Regia is the only producer of natural cosmetics in Lithuania, which uses only certified medical mineral waters of Lithuanian balneological resorts. In a fast-moving, rapidly globalising world, people are beginning to look for something unique, something exotic, something of their own. Often, our own, time-tested traditions become forgotten, and we want to bring them back.

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