Aqua aromatica Annae

Aromatic water is produced when mineral water vapour enriches the resin crystals of the Frankincense tree, and then condenses into aromatic water (hydrolat). The scent of the product has a fresh, resinously sweet woody overtone. Its skin-supporting properties make it a favourite in skin care products. Frankincense is said to be anti-stress, anxiety-reducing and inflammation-reducing.


Its skin-supporting properties make it a favourite in skin care products. It is recommended for mature, problematic skin or skin with dilated capillaries. It improves skin tone and may help to delay the ageing process.

Use as a skin tonic for the face and other parts of the body. Spray before applying natural face cream or oil, so the product will be better absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Used at any time of the day, especially needed in the summer.


Recommended for the care of mature skin. Improves skin tone and helps delay the aging process. The smell of Frankincense is great for meditation, yoga or relaxation. The resins produced by the Boswellian trees have properties that protect the tree from infections, heal its wounds, accelerate the healing of the damaged bark, and also act as pheromones - sending its essence signals to pollinating insects. Frankincense (Boswellian wood resin) is one of the oldest substances used in human history, considered a panacea for a wide variety of spiritual and somatic problems and diseases. The properties of boswellic acids in resins are the most studied today. It is used in medicine and health.