Aromatherapy bath salt

After a bath, the mineral "cloak" on the body lasts for several hours (or until it is washed off with fresh water) and becomes a long-term stimulus to the nerve receptors in the skin, changing its reactivity, blood circulation and metabolism. Prolonged irritation of skin receptors affects the central nervous system centres, with relaxing and calming effects.
The natural essential oil of frankincense (boswellia) is an incense, resin, resinous, uplifting liturgical fragrance. Boswellia resin has a positive effect on skin cells, activating healthy cell growth and skin cell renewal.
The pine essential oil in the composition is the scent of a Lithuanian pine forest, the scent of a silo in your home, and the smell of warm, sun-warmed pine wood. Pine essential oil tones the body, improves the mood and helps the body cope with seasonal ailments in the winter, when the weather is changeable, during the cold season.


Dry Mineral WaterTM is a unique and natural product made from extremely highly mineralised brines. The latter are extracted from some of the deepest boreholes in Lithuania (from 300 to 700 m deep), which reach into the Cambrian aquifer untouched for millions of years. The mineral concentration of these waters is 13 times higher than that of drinking mineral water. Dry Mineral WaterTM is one of the world's best health and beauty products. It contains up to 70 types of trace elements and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron and iodine salts, which have a positive effect on our well-being and enhance our beauty.

This product is designed to be enjoyed in the bath but is also suitable for body scrubbing in the sauna or shower. To make a scrub, simply mix dry mineral water with a natural product that you like, e.g. honey, coffee grounds, sugar or oils.
The recommended optimal dose for the first time is 50 g of product in a half-filled bath with 38 ° C water. The more product you put in the bath, the greater the mineralization of the bath. If you like a hotter bath, you can put a piece of cloth soaked in cool water on your forehead, ideally made of flannel. After a hot bath, avoid sudden movements when getting out as you may experience light-headedness. For children, the product is only suitable for foot or hand baths. Never use the product internally. Don’t ever eat or drink dry mineral water or its solution. Ingestion of the product may cause serious health problems. Keep the bottle out of the reach and sight of children, away from moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes or respiratory tract. If you are allergic, pay close attention to the possible allergens and read the label carefully. After a bath or body scrub, you may feel a slight tingling in the skin caused by “mantle” of the minerals, especially magnesium. This tingling is normal and will go away on its own in 10 to 15 minutes. You will feel more intense tingling if your body has a sever deficiency in magnesium. Tingling is caused by magnesium molecules entering the hair follicles and sweat glands. It is important to understand that this is not an allergic reaction to the magnesium, it is a completely normal and expected sensation.


Anna Dei gratia ducissa Lithuaniae, domina Trocensis, Luczensis, etc. ( lot. Anna, by the grace of God, Duchess of Lithuania, Duchess of Tracis, Lutsk, etc. Lady.). A contemporary of the Queens, Ona, wife of Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania, is known as one of the first women in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to own books. Although it is difficult to judge Ona's own literacy, this fact shows that she valued education and had literate people in her circle who understood foreign languages. Anna Dry Mineral WaterTM is named after Oona Vytautienė. It is believed that she grew up in Dzūkija, in Eišiškės Castle. She married Vytautas around 1370 and lived in Trakai, where their only daughter Sofija was born. Here she had the opportunity to meet and get to know people of different nations, races and religions. Duchess Ona is mentioned in history in the year 1382 when Vytautas was imprisoned in Krėva Castle after the death of Kęstutis. It was only thanks to Ona's skill, determination and courage that Vytautas escaped from prison. This is evidenced by the incident described in Vytautas' order: "After consulting his wife and with her approval, he put on his wife's clothes and, before the guards could notice, he escaped and came to his sister Danuta". When Vytautas reconciled with Jogaila, he returned to Lithuania and lived in Grodno Castle. Here again, the Duchess saved Vytautas's life when the fire broke out. History records that Duchess Ona was so influential in the affairs of the State that she sometimes signed contracts for her husband, ensuring that he would keep them. When Vytautas was proclaimed King of Lithuania by the Lithuanian nobility, his wife Ona was given that title. Unfortunately, the crown was snatched and the coronation never took place. The power and wealth of the Lithuanian rulers astonished all their neighbours, and Princess Ona was universally hailed as the most splendid woman in Eastern Europe. Historical sources suggest that Ona's baptismal name may have been Oprassia (Oprassia uxor nra charissima).