Natural and odourless bath salt.

Warm salt baths are said to have a detoxifying, calming effect and, if used in the evening, improve sleep quality. After a hard day or after sports, it relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation.

Mineral compounds have long been used in skin and hair care products to reduce dryness and dandruff, and have known fungicidal, bacteriocidal and anti-itch properties.

The anti-inflammatory effects of mineral water on the skin have been known for centuries, but the molecular mechanism is only beginning to be understood by delving deeper into the activity of keratinocytes. Natural sulphur compounds have an effect on the activity, proliferation, cytokine secretion and adhesion of a wide range of cells (macrophages, granulocytes, lymphocytes, fibroblasts, smooth muscle, and myoblasts).


Dry Mineral Water™ is a unique and natural product made from extremely highly mineralised brines. The latter is extracted from some of the deepest boreholes in Lithuania (from 300 to 700 m deep), which reach into the Cambrian aquifer untouched for millions of years. The mineral concentration of these waters is 13 times higher than that of drinking mineral water. Dry Mineral Water™ is one of the world's best health and beauty products. It contains up to 70 types of trace elements and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron and iodine salts, which have a positive effect on our well-being and enhance our beauty.

This product is designed to be enjoyed in the bathtub but is also suitable for body scrubbing in the sauna or shower. For this purpose, just mix the dry mineral water with your favourite natural product such as honey, coffee grounds, sugar or oils.
The recommended optimal dosage for the first time is 50 g of the product in a half-filled bath with water at 38°C. The more product you add to the bath, the greater the mineralisation of the bath. If you prefer a hotter bath, you can place a piece of cloth, ideally made of flannel, on your forehead, moistened with cool water. After a hot bath, avoid sudden movements when getting out of the bath, and get out of the bath slowly, as you may feel light-headed. For children, the product is suitable only for foot or hand baths. Never use the product inside. If ingested or eaten, the product may cause serious health problems. Keep the bottle out of the reach of children, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes or respiratory tract. If you are allergic, read the label carefully for possible allergens. After a bath or body scrub, you may feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin caused by the minerals in the 'coat', especially magnesium. This tingling sensation will go away on its own and will last for about 10 to 15 minutes. You will always feel a tingling sensation when there is a severe magnesium deficiency in the body. The tingling is caused by magnesium molecules entering the hair follicles and sweat glands. It is important to understand that this is not an allergic reaction to magnesium, it is a completely normal sensation.



The action of externally applied mineralised water on the body is explained by mechanical, thermal and chemical effects, which are cumulative and complementary. The body's response to the external effects of mineralised water is stimulated by the airless environment formed between the 'mantle' formed by the water's mineral salts and the skin. Our skin's rich system of sensory receptors and capillaries is involved in the body's self-regulation and balance. The mineral 'cloak' lasts for several hours after a bath (or until it is washed off with fresh water) and becomes a long-term stimulus to the nerve receptors in the skin, changing its reactivity, blood flow and metabolism. Prolonged irritation of skin receptors affects the central nervous system centres, with relaxing and calming effects.